Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time Warp

Since today is my first "official" day of summer--sayonara summer workshops--I decided to kick it off by baking cornbread muffins for breakfast. My son and husband were still asleep, so I had a unique opportunity to do things like the check the expiration dates on my ingredients and other pantry items.

 Here is what I found:
  • Corn meal: Nov. 11 2013 (safe--but close)
  • Soy milk: Mar 18 2013 (oops)
  • All purpose gluten-free baking mix: Mar. 10 2013 (oops)
  • Vanilla extract: Mar. 6 2012 (double oops)
  • Baking powder: Feb. 2007 (yikes!)

This kind of shows you how often I bake, right?

The only item I actually threw out was the soy milk (after taste-testing it--blech). The baking mix will continue to haunt me for another week or two because the guilt is too strong for me to throw it away right now. But would you blame me for continuing to use the baking powder and vanilla extract until they're gone? I haven't had any problems with them yet, and I am too dang cheap to just throw them away.

How do you keep track of expiration dates? 
Do I simply need to bake more often?

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