Friday, July 11, 2014

The blog lives on!

So, I came to an important decision today: I want to keep blogging. Shocking, right? Well, I am about halfway through my summer vacation, and last year that was my most productive time. This year, I haven't really felt it, and I haven't posted to this blog even once since September--even though I typically spend hours a day hanging out on my laptop. I knew I needed motivation to get posting again, but I wasn't sure exactly what would inspire me. Well, it wound up being, appropriately enough, some wise words by other bloggers.

First, I read "7 Ways You're Making Blogging Harder Than It Has To Be" by Tay at The Daily Tay. The information was helpful, the post was not in the least bit preachy, and a beautifully styled picture accompanied it. Next, I read "A Post Without Pictures" by Gabbi at Retro Ranch Reno. Gabbi's post was more about her personal experience, but, basically, it told me that it was okay that I haven't posted in 1, 2...9 months (Eek!). This is my slice of the blogosphere, and I get to jump back in (or ease myself out) whenever I feel like it. Finally, at some point during this process, I finally took the plunge and switched back to a Blogger profile and removed the Google+ comment format at the recommendation of Linda at Calling It Home. Additionally, I decided to nix the fancy titles for my weekly least, for now. Now that all of that is done, I'm ready to start blogging...again!

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